Dual Mist Humidifier

I suggest the dual mist humidifier for house or work. This is not only the best beautiful thing I have ever noticed but it works so well. I have discovered it ideal for the bedroom at evening. Enjoy the fact of no filter to replace. you can use one at work all day and one in your bedroom at night – love them! It is noiseless and energy-saving. With 1. 4-liter water tank, it can work for 8-10 hours continuously It provides comfort to your dry coughs, dry skin and chapped lips wherever you are at home or in the office. your breathing will be better, the air is cool and refreshing. you just need to add fresh cold water every morning. Just keep them clean – wash them once a week with a little bleach and hot water to keep any mold in check. You also can add a couple drops of Sweet Orange aromatherapy in the tank doesn’t clog and it scents your cubicle at work, and your bedroom at night. you will find it ideal for the bedroom at evening with one. Hugely recommended.

Great Dual Mist Humidifier

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